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Sebastian Koukkides
Materialising - 2019

Performance / Video installation, Duration 10’:17”

In the interaction between the human and the material, a dynamic and responsive dialogue emerges. As I explore the material’s behaviour, it suggests new possibilities, creating a mutual trust. However, a delicate balance arises between creation and destruction within this process. The material’s transformative responses can lead to the emergence of new forms while altering or destroying previous states.


This balance between creation and destruction is inherent to the creative process. By respecting the material and being aware of the consequences, the human can navigate this fine line. With each interaction, the human learns and deepens their understanding, building a stronger bond with the material.


Through this ongoing conversation, the human and the material co-create new forms and structures that were previously unimaginable. The relationship between them evolves, allowing for the exploration of new possibilities and fostering growth and innovation.

I am an artist and I work at the intersection of architecture, image making and spatial design. My main focus is on exploring the socio-political dynamics within the built environment and uncover new urban narratives. I traverse between the socio-politics of the urban fabric, the physical objects that surround us, public space and speculative design.  Through a combination of research, design thinking, and a critical perspective, I bring together narratives and ideas, merging them into various projects that aim to evoke questions about our surroundings and its possible futures. Recently I have been interested in the implications of emerging technologies in society and their impact on the fabric of our cities, this has led me to explore ways in which the technologies could be used within the physical  / social spaces in our cities, and use them to re-imagine new ways of togetherness.

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