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Sebastian Koukkides
Het Wonderland, Delft NL, 2019
Academic project



This Cloud was created part of an academic project to renew the meaning of a priests’ communal house and adjacent chapel buildings in the light of their history and future. This culminated in a discovery tour - “Het Wonderland” - which invited pupils and teachers to collectively speculate on the possible future of the introverted chapel and priests’ house, that lost its original functions” Hans Venhuizen


The cloud was the end of the tour inviting all students of the school into the chapel to witness the cloud accompanied by an organ player.

The school was founded as a Christian protestant school, but now the school has pupils from diverse ethnicities and religions

The aim of the cloud was to create a more neutral spiritual environment in the chapel and invite all students with different religious background into the protestant chapel situated within Stanislas school.

I am an artist and I work at the intersection of architecture, image making and spatial design. My main focus is on exploring the socio-political dynamics within the built environment and uncover new urban narratives. I traverse between the socio-politics of the urban fabric, the physical objects that surround us, public space and speculative design.  Through a combination of research, design thinking, and a critical perspective, I bring together narratives and ideas, merging them into various projects that aim to evoke questions about our surroundings and its possible futures. Recently I have been interested in the implications of emerging technologies in society and their impact on the fabric of our cities, this has led me to explore ways in which the technologies could be used within the physical  / social spaces in our cities, and use them to re-imagine new ways of togetherness.

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